Why does it make sense to learn digital skills in 2020?

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Why it makes sense to learn digital skills in 2020?

There are many ways to make money online. But the fact is that many people don’t know how and where to start an online business. The simple reason why is because they think online marketing is only for technical people or technically-minded wizard kids who were born with a cell-phone and a tablet. But the truth is that anybody can learn digital skills and then make money online without having a technical background.

Today, more and more people are using the Internet and engaging in income-generating activities, regardless of age and gender, whether they are technically skilled or not.

Why to learn digital skills nowdays?

Some people don’t want to learn how to make money online because they want to replace their full-time job in the first place. They prefer to learn the online business to earn some extra income in addition to their job, and it is the right approach too! Others learn online business because they are passionate about writing blogs or making educational videos. Either way, the number of students in online academies has increased significantly over the past ten years.

The most common reason why would worth to start an online business is that there has never been easier to master any online business skill, than nowadays. The tons of online tutorials can provide you with enough basic knowledge about how to make money online.

Why it makes sense to learn digital skills in 2020?

The people who are starting an online business are looking for more freedom and financial security. 

People’s financial circumstances can be changed so quickly. The old way of graduating from traditional education then landing in a job and work for one company for many years is long gone. Waiting for the next promotion and hoping for a pay rise is now not a wise solution any more. However, still, many people in the world who are living from paycheque to paycheque are desperately trying to save up enough money, dreaming a dream life and hoping for a comfortable early retirement.

The golden generation and the lack of their digital skills

The reality is that there are many baby-boomers and Gen Xers who think they have no other options than the 9 to 5 job. Because of the lack of digital skill they believe they missed that boat of the digital evolution, thus they’re struggling in their ordinary full-time job.

People, who are in the golden generation are often feeling the fear of what if they are about to lose their job before retirement? What would they do if the increasing automatisation, the artificial intelligence or the sophisticated technology will result in them to be laid-off?

However, there are people between the age of 40 and 60 who have realised already the up-coming boost of the digital economy and started to re-skilling themselves to ensure that they will have more chance for financial security by the time when they will retire.

The willingness of the ageing generation to learn digital skills provides a better incentive for the younger generation to develop their digital skills.

The younger generation is witnessing how the parents or even grandparents are re-skilling themselves in order to make their future more secured. As the older generation get more confident on online, that inspires the younger generation to not to rely on thinking of an unsecured one job only situation.

We have to accept that the world is becoming more and more digital.

Learning how to make money online also helps people to learn how to think outside the box and to be less anxious about the future. Futurists are predicting that about the 40% of the jobs we know today are going to be wiped out in the next 10-15 years.

Approximately 4.5 billion people are using the Internet every day. Online shopping is tremendously grown in the last ten years while the traditional businesses are dying because they are not adapting to the digital economy they are in today.

Not everyone thinks of money as a priority when starting to learn online business. There are many other benefits to learning digital skills. For example, acquiring digital skills such as online marketing, affiliate marketing, or media marketing can provide much more flexibilities and freedom than any traditional jobs in the world.

In challenging situations such as the global economic crisis where hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs, those with digital skills are much more secure.

The bulletproof digital economy.

Recently, it has been proven several times that as the economy plunged into recession, the number of online purchases increased. While the traditional economy decreased, the digital economy increased.

With digital skills, people can work from home as long as they have a computer or a laptop and an Internet connection. So people are regardless of age and technology, or non-technology background getting realises that if they have digital skills, they are not just more secure financially, but also gaining more flexibility and freedom.

Companies and corporations have the same situation. They are either adapting to digital technology or dying. Those businesses who are adapting they are treating their employees differently. They provide them with more choices and more freedom. The employees who can work from home have not that many meetings, or if they have, they can meet online using digital technologies.

The fact is the 9 to 5 jobs, or shifts works are making most of the people very unhappy while the companies whose employees are working from home are judging or rewarding people by the value or the work they do.

The other positive side of learning how to make money online and being digitally skilled is people who are educating themselves and adapting to the digital economy are getting the best opportunities and the best jobs. Those people who are having more digital skills are helping traditional businesses to adapt to the digital economy. In this digital world, it’s not necessary to make money online for every individual, but it should be essential to change.

Be the boss in your own online business.

Of course, most individuals want to make money online by being their own boss. A good example is to be an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is an online business where you help other companies sell their product online and gain commission for the sales of their products or service. The skill requirement here is to be able to advertising and marketing. The great thing about this is you are not the owner of the product, and you don’t have to worry about manufacturing or packaging or the delivery.

The other great way to make money online is e-commerce, where you create your own e-commerce services, and you can sell your product. Again, you don’t need to be an inventor to do this. There are so many creative people in the world who are waiting for you to build a product what you want, and then you can sale the product under your brand name.

There are platforms they can teach you how to do a professional import-export business by working with an agent in China through e-mail or another electronic way. You can use them to source for you a product which can be literally anything you can imagine, and they can ship the product directly to your door for a very reasonable price.

Another online business module you can learn is using Amazon. If you are interested in this type of online business, you can learn how to get Amazon to bring your chosen product directly from China to the warehouse of Amazon. Amazon then uses their platform and all the marketing they have to sell your product. Every few weeks Amazon send you a cheque when they sell your products and Amazon takes care of all the shipping and payments. They even store your product in their warehouse.

In the modern digital world, businesses are looking for freelancers, business coaches, social media specialists and many other digital experts. You can get more insight into the free video training I can send you now if you click the link below.

Find out more about how to build an online business from scratch.

There has never been a better time and chance to learn digital skills in order to start to make money online and provide more security for yourself and your family in the future.

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