Tired of Trading Time for Money

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Only seventeen years as an employee, and I already got tired of trading my time for money!

The last ten years, I am an employee at a large retail company. It wasn’t always like that. I gave up my self-employed status 17 years ago. I hoped that, if I work for someone else, I will have less stress and I’ll be more secured financially. I have shifted from an entrepreneur mindset to an employee mindset trusting in job security and state pension system. But, since I am trading my time for money, my life is not exactly a kind of a dream come true story.

Who works in retail knows how hard work it is and how much commitment is required.

The best solution I found is to educate myself beside my full-time job to give a chance to get my life back as I’ve got tired of trading my time for money. I have tried to build several businesses in my twenties with little success. No one in the family had the propensity to entrepreneurship in their blood, so I learned everything the hard way. 

Being eager for an entrepreneur lifestyle

The taste of time freedom arrived just after one year of marriage when we decided to quit our job and went abroad to work. We were so young and hungry. Although we’re excited about the new adventure, unfortunately, weeks have gone without any sign of a job opportunity.

I remember that hot summer day, we had nothing else to do than to go down to the beach, feeling frustrated and lost as we had not enough money to survive the next few weeks. The situation slowly became hopeless, and we’re wondering if our little adventure will end soon with failure and disappointment. Before we just about gave up, an older lady heard that we are speaking Hungarian. She walked to us, and after an introduction and a short conversation, she offered us accommodation. We were strangers to her, but she saw the panic on our face, and she was happy to hear her mother tongue on that beach where no one else spoke Hungarian. She said she has some friends who need help around their house. These people are looking for someone who will maintain their garden and clean their homes. As you can imagine, we were not hesitating long and took the opportunity without a second thought.

As quick as it is, within a few weeks, the people we worked for did like us. We built a good reputation in the community of older people. The people we worked for recommended us as a reliable young couple who were able to do any job around the house. Thanks for our positive reputation the phone was ringing all the time with more job offers. Within a few weeks, our calendar was fully booked. 

As a young couple having minimal life experience, we fell in love immediately with the time freedom we had. The independence and the feeling of you don’t have a boss is priceless. One year later, our business contracts and work permits expired. We couldn’t get an extension for our agreement, so we packed up and went back to our homeland.

Our first adventure lasted only for a year, but we can say that we learned a lot, and we got a useful insight into the entrepreneur’s life. We learned valuable entrepreneurial skills and experienced the taste of the self-employed lifestyle. After our journey, both of us got enthusiastic about continuing to live this lifestyle.

Shifting to online business as I am tired to trade my time for money.

In the trill of freedom, I thought I would succeed in any business, after all. I was twenty-five years old at that time. So I started a new business, my profile was trading goods in the marketplace.

I had to realise that after a year, with not enough marketing and merchandising skills, the business was less successful. Another year passed by and, I couldn’t maintain my business any longer. I’ve got no choice but to get a job to be able to look after my family. It was hard to make that emotional decision to go back to live the paycheck to paycheck life and trade my time for money again. My friends told me that if I have a job, I’ll be secured and also I can provide financial security for my family. This claim refuted itself quickly because the company I worked for collapsed financially during the recession and disappeared in a few months. People, including me, have lost their job within a few weeks.

When I thought as an employee, I am secured, the company made an unexpected redundancy before vanished. The world fell into the recession.

People, including me, have lost their job within a few weeks. I have lost my job too.

In the recession, I think I was unemployed for nearly a year before I’ve got a part-time job in retail. I wanted to get a full-time position, and in no time, I was in a corporate trap again. I worked 45-55 hours weekly. As a result, I didn’t have a family life and not to mentioned that there is no room left for personal interest or hobby. My little girl was 12 years old, and I have missed many of her Halloween and Christmas shows because I couldn’t leave my job on time. I was 45 years old when I decided that I want my life back. I came to the conclusion I need to find a long-term solution without quit my job. I started to search for business ideas on the Internet.

I started to think about what type of work I would love to do when the time of retirement comes. What kind of work I would be passionate about. I knew that somehow I have to re-educate myself. Years ago, I read many books about personal development. I was even life coaching a team before for a while. The happy ending is I found a passion and a purpose again through an online education platform which is part of the online business education from the Six Figure Mentors. Since I have joined the community, I can see the lights at the end of the tunnel ones again. 

Many people in the world independently of age group are pursuing their passion. Everybody has a different purpose in life. If you think you are the same freedom seeker like me, feel free to contact me, or you can click on the link: “I am tired to trade my time for money” where you can get more insights in the digital lifestyle.

I was aware that time and financial freedom wouldn’t come easy. I knew that starting a business will request efforts and more energy. I also knew that I have to give up on many things what will never serve me anyway. All I need is persistence, patience, and maybe some capital investment if I want to see positive changes in my life transformation.

I don’t want to sell my time for money anymore!

What is your story? If you were to be an entrepreneur, what would you do?

Zsolt Barsi

Zsolt Barsi

About Me

Hi There,

My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to help people by sharing the value of my life experience, and I also want to encourage people to find their purpose in life regardless of their age.

No matter how old are you, find your purpose and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

My mission is to help others who are seeking more freedom or searching for extra income-producing activity and might want to unleash their passion in the digital lifestyle.

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