Tired of Trading Time for Money

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Only seventeen years as an employee, and I already got tired of trading my time for money!

I am working as a deputy manager in brisk retail business. I gave up my self-employed freedom 17 years ago with a hope to have less stress and be secured financially as an employee. But, this is not what I imagined. This period of my life is not exactly a kind of dream comes true story.

Who works in a retail store knows how hard work it is and how much commitment is required.

I feel I am tired to sell my time for money! The best solution I found is to educate myself beside my full-time job to give a chance to get my life back. Between my age of twenty and thirty, I have tried several businesses. Nobody in my family was an entrepreneur, so I had to learn from my mistakes.

Being hungry for a self-employed lifestyle

The taste of freedom arrived just after one year of marriage when we decided to quit our job and went abroad to learn a foreign language. We were young and hungry. We were excited about the new adventure, but unfortunately, weeks have gone without any job opportunity.

I remember when in a hot summer day, we were on the beach, having not enough money to survive the next few weeks. As we were helpless, we tried to figure out what can we do in this jobless situation. We were just about to given up on our adventure when an older lady heard our conversation and approached us with a job and accommodation offer.

She said she has some friends who need help around their house. These lovely people are looking for someone trustworthy who will maintain their garden and handy to do some maid work. We took the opportunity without a second thought.

As quick as it is, within a few weeks, we built a strong, very positive reputation. We offered for many families as a reliable, sweet young couple who are excellent workers. The phone was ringing all the time with more job offers.

After one month, we got to the point when we were not able to book in more work as we were already overbooked. We made a selection to whom and when we would like to work.

As a young couple having minimal life experience, we fell in love with the freelance lifestyle immediately. Sadly one year later, our business contracts and work permits expired. We couldn’t get an extension for our agreement, so we packed up and went back to our homeland.

It was a successful journey for us, combined with a colourful adventure. We learned valuable entrepreneur skills and experienced the taste of the self-employed lifestyle. I was so enthusiastic about continuing to live in this entrepreneur freedom.

Switching to online business as I am tired to trade my time for money.

I thought, in the trill of success, I would succeed in any business in the future. I was twenty-five years old at that time. So I started a new business, but that was required different skills.

With the lack of knowledge of these skills, these business attempts were less successful. After a while, I could no longer maintain my business. I’ve got no choice but to take a job to be able to take care of my family. I was not willing to live in uncertainty anymore. However, it was a hard decision. I sacrificed my freedom as a self-employed person and went to live from paycheck to paycheck.

I have worked for various companies in different businesses in the last sixteen years, but I still can’t get used to it.

Years are passing by quickly, and I feel I am selling my time for money.

I thought the same as most of the people when they get a job. They are secured financially for the rest of their life. But the reality is different in the twenty-first century.

When I thought as an employee, I am secured, the company made an unexpected redundancy before vanished. The world fell into the recession.
People, including me, have lost their job within a few weeks. I have lost my job too.

Almost a year passed without work when I finally got a part-time job. I worked hard to get a full-time position. A year later, I pushed harder to gain promotion. Working 45-55 hours every week means not much family life, no time for personal interest and hobby. Since I am in management, I have missed several family events.

The tiredness and the lack of time made me drop my hobby. I love to read books in the evening, but since I started to work in the new rule, I can’t read more than a page, and I fall asleep. To be an employee in a fast environment like a retail store, means no holidays allow to be taken neither in December nor at Easter or Halloween. But at least I am secured because I have a job again.

At around my birthday of 45, I realised that I want my life back. I don’t want to miss my girl’s football game anymore.

I came to the conclusion I need to find a long-term solution. I started to search for business ideas on the Internet. All I was searching is; What type of business would serve me in my older years?

After a long deep search, I realised that I have to re-educate myself. Years ago, I read many books about personal development. I was coaching a team before. My way back to freedom is crystal clear. The solution to finding freedom again arrived with an online education platform deliver by the Six Figure Mentors. Since I have joined the community, I can see the lights at the end of the tunnel. Everybody is different. I am not saying that this is what you should do too, but if you want more information, feel free to contact me, or you can click on the link: “I am tired to trade my time for money.” 

I was aware that freedom wouldn’t come easy. I knew what the business request from me: extra efforts, time, passion, persistence, patience, and some capital investment if I want to see results in my life transformation.

I don’t want to sell my time for money anymore!

What is your story? If you were to be an entrepreneur, what would you do?

Zsolt Barsi

Zsolt Barsi

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Hi There,

My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to have enough time with my family and, my vision is to help others to step out from the corporate hamster wheel to live a free and fulfilled life.

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