Tired of Trading Time for Money

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I’ve got tired of trading my time for money!

Although the last ten years, I am working for a large retail company, and before that, I was in the car sale business as an employee, I still have an entrepreneur mindset. 

I quit being a self-employed 17 years ago. Why did I leave the boss-less freedom? The reason for that was because I thought I would have less stress and I’ll be more stable financially if I will have a job. 

Time had proven that probably I made a wrong decision when I made a shift and started to sell my time for money! 

Entrepreneur’s vs Employee’s mindset

Everybody has a different opinion about being an entrepreneur or working as an employee. It all comes down to what type of mindset you have but for most people, having a job means being more secured. 

If you have an employee’s mindset, you know that when you show up to work, you are going to get paid. 

Entrepreneur mindset is different. Entrepreneurs know that if they want to operate their business, they have to invest time and money into their business. Marketing is also a vital part of their business, so it needs a lot of attention. Then entrepreneurs still need a lot of patience before they can see the profit. However, success is never going to be guaranteed.

It sounds like to be an entrepreneur is a way too much risk and stress. So, besides all the hassles, why would someone choose to be an entrepreneur over being an employee? 

  • Entrepreneurs are more likely experiencing time and financial freedom than employees.
  • Entrepreneurs are decision-makers; they’re the boss.
  • Entrepreneurs are mostly doing what they are passionate about, while, employees are doing what their boss is telling them to do.
  • Entrepreneurs income can vary but also unlimited, while employees are working for a fixed rate or salary.
  • Entrepreneurs working hours can be flexible, while most employees are working the same hours every day.
  • Most entrepreneurs are eager to start the day and going to work. At the same time, based on my employee’s experience, I don’t know anyone from my ex-colleagues who felt excited to go to work on Monday morning. Statistics show that most employees don’t like their jobs.
  • Entrepreneurs have their own schedule. They don’t work 40 hours a week. No, they work much more, but they love the work they do.
  • The entrepreneur’s life is not monotonous. Every day can be different, unlike employees who usually work the same all the time.

But the reality is, being an entrepreneur is not a good option for everyone. Many people would never start their own business. They can come up with a bunch of arguments about why preferable to be an employee.

Sure, to be an entrepreneur can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing! 

Shifting to online business as I am tired to trade my time for money.

When I lost my business, I blamed everything for my losses but not myself. I blamed the circumstances, the economy, the politics, the society, but I forgot to do some self-criticism. I didn’t start to investigate why I failed? Where did things go wrong?

Since I started to invest in myself and learn the foundations of how to start an online business from scratch, I realised why I failed before:

  • I didn’t have a crystal clear idea who am I going to serve with my business.
  • I was not skilled for the business I was doing. For example, once I invested a lot of money into Forex trading without knowing anything about it. I didn’t read books related to Forex marketing, and I didn’t attend on any Foreign Exchange Market training before. I just trusted a friend of mine who had some promising campaign. My advice to you is, don’t do it if you don’t want to fall in the same trap! Learn first or at least be prepared about the things you want to do!
  • I had too many fears and doubts. 

Learning from my failures, I think in this digital world it is still an excellent opportunity to be a full-time or even a part-time entrepreneur.


How did I start my entrepreneur journey again?

First, I realised that if I want to eliminate my previous mistakes, I need to re-educate myself and I must do this beside my full-time job. I thought I am going to keep my job, so I will have an opportunity to earn while I learn, and it will be only a matter of time when I will get my freedom back.

I considered some business ideas which would fit into my criteria.

Since I was already 47 years old, so I looked for business opportunities where age don’t matter.

The first idea was to learn how to sell products online.

Since I worked in retail and I had a small retail business before, I thought it would be relevant to me.

I sympathise with people who, while they’re confident about making a change in their lives is inevitable, still don’t know how and where to get started. I know how hard it is to make a shift because I have been in this situation for a long time. 

After I lost my business, I didn’t find my purpose in life for a long time, and I didn’t find a new passion for myself. So I was looking for a business idea I could be passionate about and where I would find myself again.

Building a career in online business

To make the long story short, I found all of my criteria in an online business education platform. I am learning how to leverage the Internet to sell products online. Also, I learn how to market effectively online without owning a product.

The fact is that traditional businesses which are reluctant to adapt to the Internet, they will inevitably shrink and eventually die. I realised that too, I need to adjust and learn online business. The traditional way of business I learned before is gone. 

I don’t know if you have any idea what to do when you get fed up with the working from 9 to 5? What would you plant to do when your position and your job is under the danger of redundancy? All I know is jobs are taking over of automatisation in many industries in the world right now.    

If you think you are the same freedom seeker like me, feel free to contact me. Alternatively, you can click on the link: “I am tired to trade my time for money“. There you can get more information about how can you achieve more freedom in the digital lifestyle.

What is your story? If you were to be an entrepreneur, what would you do?

Zsolt Barsi

Zsolt Barsi

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Hi There,

My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to help people by sharing the value of my life experience, and I also want to encourage people to find their purpose in life regardless of their age.

No matter how old are you, find your purpose and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

My mission is to help others who are seeking more freedom or searching for extra income-producing activity and might want to unleash their passion in the digital lifestyle.

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