Procrastination And Decision Making

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We all have to make a lot of decisions in our lives. There is no exception. Some can make decisions almost immediately, others not and most of the time, they are looking for excuses of why they are postponing their decision. But why is this so?
The logical answer is because people who cannot make decisions actually are lack of self-confidence. They do not trust themselves enough and thus, do not want to take responsibility for their decisions.

Procrastination And Decision Making

When we have to decide on something, we almost always do it of emotion. Technically, 80% of our decisions are emotional, and only 20% are conscious.
Thus the life you live now is the result of decisions you have made in the past. Where you are in your life right now, applies to your work, your relationship, where you live, what your health is, are all the result of your decisions. But only you can know what is right for you. No one can decide for you. That’s why it’s crucial that if you have to make a decision, don’t look for excuses and don’t procrastinate, but take responsibility and make a decision.
Since, as I mentioned, most of our decisions are emotional, I suggest that before you decide on something, observe your feelings beforehand. Notice how you feel at that moment. Are you angry or calm and balanced? Maybe you’re disappointed or just enthusiastic? These emotional states significantly affect whether you will make a good or bad decision.

Procrastination and decision making
Procrastination and decision making






So why do we like to procrastinate?

There are many reasons for this, and for now, I would like to list the most common ones here.
For example, we are afraid of deciding, because if we make the wrong decision, the consequences may follow.

We are afraid of losing, and therefore we do not want to decide.

We are afraid of the challenge. We have a fear that we are not good enough. This feeling can be identified as low self-esteem.

We are afraid of failure. It is the strongest one. Usually, when opportunity knocks on our door, we hesitate and don’t dare decide. We are afraid of what if we take the chance but end up failing. We think and procrastinate until the great opportunity vanishes and starts knocking someone else’s door. That is the main reason why most people are not successful in their life.

We are afraid of rejection. It reminds me of an animal tale story about the bunny who’s lawnmower broke down during grass cutting. The poor bunny thought that; I might borrow the lawnmower from my friend, the bear. But the bear is envious most of the time. It worth a chance he thought so off he went to the bear asking for the lawnmower. Along the way, however, the rabbit kept saying to himself that; the bear is always envious so that he won’t lend me his lawnmower. He kept saying this until he finally got to the bear’s house. The bear was chilled out on his freshly cut grass when he noticed the rabbit at his gate. He addressed the rabbit kindly—my dear friend, so glad to see you. Come in! Then the rabbit said to the bear briefly; you know what bear, forget it! I don’t need your lawnmower! With that, he turned his back and left.
So if we take a closer look at the above, we can see that our postponement mostly led by fears.

Procrastination on completing a task

In our work, we also find it challenging to make decisions that lead to procrastination which ultimately casts a bad light on us.
Yet, we know what we need to do, and we know we have to make that decision, but for some reason, we don’t do it. We’d rather postpone it until the next day and so on. The truth is, we already want to finish that task, but we can’t convince ourselves to take the first step. When we finally decide that; I will make it now to or never; usually something important comes to mind that distracts us from our thoughts. By postponing decision-making, we tend to start dealing with something else. But in the meantime, the thing we should have decided on doesn’t just disappear. It remains our responsibility.
We also know that the postponement did not alleviate the situation. Still, we are not doing what we should be doing.

How Can You Overcome The Procrastination

First, you need to decide that you will change from now on and not procrastinate any more. You also have to accept that if you have to make decisions about several things at once, you will always start with the most challenging one. If you go beyond the most difficult decision, the other decisions will be much easier.
One of the most effective exercises is to write a list of your daily tasks and put them in order so that you start your day with the most challenging task and decision.
The goal is not to start a new task until you have completed the previous task. It will prevent you from procrastinating. When you have completed the most challenging task, continue with the second most difficult one and then the third most difficult one, and so on until you have completed all the tasks and made all the decisions. To manage your time, I suggest that you set a deadline within which you will undoubtedly resolve the issue. And accept that you will not change the deadline under any circumstances. If you manage to overcome the tendency to procrastinate and complete all the tasks, I suggest you reward yourself. For example, drink good tea, watch a good movie or buy yourself something you want. Reward yourself with something, and you’ll see decisions you won’t procrastinate anymore.

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