Procrastination And Decision Making

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A thinking woman making decision

Not just ones in our life, we all have to face to make a decision. Some of us make a decision quickly; some of us are keen to find an excuse for delaying on decision making. Why is that so? Because it is easier to procrastinate.

Procrastination And Decision Making

Making decision is always tricky and derives from emotion.
Almost all decision we make right or wrong; they come from emotion. If we want to give a chance for the right emotional decision, we should be balanced and calmed emotionally. We should be independent of any anger or hatred. We should also separate ourselves from the emotions of the past, and we should make free ourselves from any uncertainty feeling of the future.

So why we are procrastinating decision?

  • We afraid we will make the wrong decision.
  • We afraid of loss.
  • We are scared of the challenge.
  • We are scared of failure.
  • We are so scared of refusals.
Procrastination and decision making
Procrastination and decision making

I have read a wisdom that says: “You can overcome the river by following its turn.”
We know what the task is. In some point, we want to be over of it, but it does not work for some reason. We can’t persuade ourselves to make the first step to start it. When we finally decide to start working on the task, many times we give up on it soon and start dealing with something else. The overwhelming task does not disappear, and the deadline is approaching. We are aware that nothing will be more comfortable with procrastination, and that we often make it more difficult for us, but it is hard to change it. What could be the reason for this? How to fight the procrastination?

Procrastination on completing a task

There is a problem when we are aware of what we should be dealing with, the determination we have, the time it takes, and all the other conditions, but we do not start the task or interrupt it in a series of other activities. It dramatically diminishes our efficiency while wasting time on what you can spend on more valuable or relaxing activities. Delaying can have an impact not only on our work but also on our emotional life. The consequences are more stress, fear, disappointment, low level of self-esteem, and so on.
When people are procrastinating, basically they are not taking responsibility for that task or decision. Instead of, they search for a different type of activities to not to concentrate on that task anymore. For example, they turn on the TV or browsing on the internet, spending hours scrolling through Facebook news, or snacking, even though they are not hungry.
We often postpone the start or end of essential tasks until the last moment, explaining our habit of being more under pressure. But the truth is usually the opposite. If we postpone the work as far as possible, then people are going to be less efficient and less confident.
As the deadline approaches, people are experiencing increased stress, which often harms their performance rather than stimulating it. Due to the pressure, they can block or start a panic strike.

How Can You Overcome The Procrastination

You have to face the challenge of waiting for you to start working on it. It is best practice to write a list of your daily tasks, make them in order from the most challenging one to the easiest one, and start with the most difficult one. And don’t start working a new task until you complete the job. When you have done the most challenging task, continue with the second most difficult one, and so on. To be able to manage your time, set a deadline for solving the problem. This method will encourage you to solve your tasks sooner. When you overcome the procrastination and successfully complete a task, I suggest you to reward yourself. Drink a tea, watch a movie or go for a walk. Anything what makes you happy and satisfied.

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