Digital Entrepreneur And Online Business Consultant

A Brief Story of Mine

For a very long time, I thought I have no other option than to build a career in the corporate world. As my father has proven to me, with hard work, it is possible to climb up on the corporate ladder. And I did. Although I achieved some career-related goals, I always wanted to feel a little bit more like my job is also my passion. Unfortunately, very few of my corporate jobs provided that feeling to me. When I began to search for my purpose than I realised that how much passion I have about learning online business skills.

How did I find my very first passion?

When I was young, I was tapping on everything all the time. One day I saw a band playing on stage, and I couldn’t sleep that night. The drum kit enchanted me. It was so big and sounded so punchy. I determined that when I grow up, I will be a famous musician. So I bought a cheap second-hand drum kit from my pocket money, and I went to a music club to learn music. My dream was to play in a band as soon as possible.

 Whenever I was on stage, an unexplainable feeling gripped me that I haven’t felt ever since. It is that obvious, being a musician was my first real passion.

Quitting music later changed my life. I didn’t just lose my path, but I lost my passion too. However, still, at the bottom of my heart, I am a musician.

To fill the gap what playing music left behind, I tried a couple of different things in my life, but nothing made me entirely happy. 

In my job careers, such as a retail supervisor, a vehicle warranty advisor, or a retail deputy manager, I didn’t find passion and fulfilment in any of these jobs. 

Being lost in endless works

At the time when my first child was born, I worked from early morning to late evening almost every day. I worked 10 to 12 hours a day, and then every Friday and Saturday night, I played music in different restaurants. I was barely at home at that time. It did cost me a lot though, as my baby girl didn’t really have a chance to get to know me.

I realised that I do nothing else but chasing money. I didn’t just lose my passion, but I lost direction too.

At the age of 47, I got to that point when I realised that I need to make some changes if I want to live a life I dreamed of. I tried to find out what my purpose is and how can I gain financial security for my family. I wanted these things more than anything else.

The best influencers of my life

To achieve these goals, I started browsing online what type of business I could do from home besides my full-time job. I began to read self-development books. I bought audio records from different motivators such as Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, or Eckhart Tolle. I began to search what business would provide me with the lifestyle that matches up with the life I would like to live but doesn’t need too much capital investment. 

After in-depth research, I found that acquiring digital skills and starting an online business would be a good solution for me.

Learning online business

When I started, I didn’t know anything how to market online, and I was far away to be a techie person. But I was determined to learn digital skills to become a digital entrepreneur. So, I immersed myself in online research to find an accountable online business platform

I accidentally stumbled upon of home-based online business in a Facebook advertisement. A young lady, who was a stay at home mum, made an ad about where and how she learned digital marketing. She explained in the advertisement briefly that, when she learned how to market online, she eventually was able to quit her job and being a full-time digital entrepreneur. As a result, she has plenty of time with her family, which is the most important thing to her. 

Although I am not a stay at home mum I still resonated with her story. I thought that even if I start to learn online business skills from scratch now, within a few years, I’ll be able to live a digital entrepreneur lifestyle. 

I contacted her, and she sent me a few free on-demand workshop educational videos (WHICH YOU CAN ACCESS HERE) to see if it is for me or not. After watching the free videos, I decided to join a community to master digital skills

While I started to re-skill myself, I realised that I am not just a digital entrepreneur lifestyle enthusiast. I also found to be passionate about to help people to find their purpose in life as a life coach or consultant. I’d love to help people to find their passion and purpose in life regardless of age because I found mine after many years living aimlessly.  

I can’t even imagine how many people in the world struggle the same way I did and have no passion for their job. These people are monotonously doing the same thing every day. They are living in uncertainty and hoping that they will never lose their job because their job is the only straw they can rely on. I can’t imagine how many people regardless of age, gender, or occupation, would like to live a better, fulfilled life. But sadly, they don’t know how and where to start to accomplish their dreams.

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