Move Out From Your Comfort Zone

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adult in comfort

My perspective is about the comfort zone from my point of view.

What Would Motivate You To Move Out From Your Comfort Zone?

Stuck in the comfort zone makes a limitation of life
Nothing is going to change if you choose not to move out from your comfort zone.

Like it or not, everybody has some comfort zone. Including you. However, everybody is different. The comfort zone is nothing less than adhering to our comfort level. Is it good or bad? Neither bad nor good — everybody sees that in a different point of view. If there are things in our routines that make us feel good, then it’s okay. But if these are habits or unpleasant circumstances, then it is not good. The easiest way to find this out is to ask yourself: do I live a fulfilled life or, am I happy with my circumstances? If the answer is no, you might need to consider to make some changes in your daily routine. The fact is that, if you want to get more out of yourself, you need to make some commitment to move out from your comfort zone.   

When we observe our own life, we can see what it belongs to and where it is bounded. Sometimes we should change or quit the routine which holding us back to accomplish the goals, achieve our dreams because everyone has dreams. Also, not to mention that the comfort zone won’t even make us happy! Why, because its existence holds us back from a person who we could be.

Often, we don’t even realise when we are in our comfort zone. However, our comfort zone includes our usual things. For example, the house we live in, our friends, what kind of restaurant we go to, our workplace, the route where we go, our relationships, our habits, our behaviour our reactions, our usual thoughts, and I could list it. It does not cause any particular tension for us. 

We feel comfortable when we are in the same situation and doing the same thing. Wake up in the morning, going to work, after work going home…. sleep….and the next day everything starts over again. However, when eventually we have some time off, we find many excuses not to put effort do something which would bring us closer to a better life. What we usually do then we prefer to procrastinate. We are chasing dreams somewhere in the unconscious, but we hardly catch one. Why? Because we don’t want to face a new challenge, start something new which would make us to move out from our comfort zone, to move out from the good old routine. 

Many of us looking for time and financial freedom, or many of us eager for a better relationship with others. We want to discover new places, new people, but when the opportunity find us we are hesitating for too long and we don’t take a single step forward to grab that opportunity. Our comfort zone holds us back.

WHY we do this? WHY are we clinging to our comfort zone?

Adult in comfort position

Why we don’t move out from our comfort zone?

WHY are we rejecting opportunities even if we could have a chance to live the life we always dreamed? 
The reason for this is that we always prefer more convenient solutions. In our usual corporate circles, we can feel relaxed. If we go to the same place to have fun, it seems to be much safer for us. If I want to make my dreams come true, I need to give up on unimportant thinks which have minimal or no importance. I reduced time consumption activities such as hobbies to gain more time to work on my goals. What would motivate you to step out from your comfort zone?

You might love to go back to study. It might make you excited again. Another good idea is to cut down TV watching time from the minimum to zero. Instead, choose  to read books. What worked for me, I have registered for online education where I found online marketing training to learn not only how to move out from my comfort zone, but the online business training provides me with new challenges and help me achieve my goals. I have already started a home business related to my study.

If we want to improve, we need to experience new experiences. The exciting thing is that when we get into a unique situation, we are a little tense at first, but then we get used to it. We must take full responsibility for our own lives, and we decide what we attract into our zone.
Inside our zone, it is often uncomfortable for us. We want new goals and experiences, but we don’t. It is the instinctive reaction of human nature to hold on to the usual things.

Then we have to ask ourselves the question!

What is more important to us? Waiting for a better life without making the first step to move out from our comfort zone., or we accept the temporary unpleasant feelings that we experience when we start something new? Or: Would it be better to feel sad forever because of missed opportunities?

The decision is ours! Yours and mine


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Zsolt Barsi

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My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to have enough time with my family and, my vision is to help others to step out from the corporate hamster wheel to live a free and fulfilled life.

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