Move Out From Your Comfort Zone

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My perspective is about the comfort zone from my point of view.


What Would Motivate You To Move Out From Your Comfort Zone?

Nothing is going to change if you choose not to move out from your comfort zone.

Like it or not, everyone has some sort of comfort zone, including you and me. However, everyone has a different idea of what comfort zone is. 

So what is the comfort zone? 

The comfort zone is no less and no more than maintaining our level of comfort. Is the comfort zone a good or a bad thing? Well, it is neither bad nor good – although everyone approaches this issue from different perspectives.

Stuck in the comfort zone makes a limitation of life

If there are things in our daily routines that we feel good about, it’s okay, but if those are habits or circumstances that don’t help us in advance, then that’s something that you shouldn’t want. 

One simple way to find out how your comfort zone affect you is to ask yourself how happy you are with your life? If you hesitate to answer this question, you’re probably not living the life you want to, and perhaps your comfort zone is mainly responsible for holding you back. 

The point is, if you want to get more out of yourself, you have to step out of your comfort zone, or at least expand its boundaries.

When we observe our own lives, we can see what belongs in it and where its boundaries are. Sometimes we need to make changes, or we need to step out of the usual routine, which sometimes holds us back from achieving our dreams. 

Most of the time, we don’t even realise that we are in a comfort zone

because the things we’re doing every day becomes a routine. For example, the house we live in, who are our friends, or what kind of restaurant we used to go it ‘sit’s all part of our comfort zone. 

Our comfort zone also determines what our job is like, where we are usually going on holidays, what kind of relationships we have and of course it establish our habits. Our comfort zone includes our behaviour and reactions or even thoughts and lots and lots of other things.

Why do we build our comfort zone?

We feel comfortable when we are in the same situation over and over again. We usually like to do the same thing because it doesn’t cause more stress than we can still comfortably endure.

That is why, in many families, the daily routine is always the same. Our comfort zone ensures that we only load ourselves as much as we can comfortably bear.

Of course, our dreams of a higher standard of living still exist, only in many cases, we do not achieve them because of our comfort zone.

Because if we want to achieve our goals, many useless activities such as watching TV would have to be drastically reduced to the minimum. But for many of us, watching TV is one of the defining elements of our comfort zone.

The other obstacles we neglect to notice to get out from our comfort zone are we don’t want to face new challenges. We aren’t willing to start anything new that would force us to step out of our comfort zone.

Most of us are dreaming of achieving time and financial freedom. Some people would like to have a new relationship. We want to discover new places and other cultures, we want to have more than 20 days of holidays a year, but when the opportunity finds us, we hesitate for too long, or we drop the chance to build a better quality of life as we don’t want to leave our comfort zone. We don’t take the necessary steps to seize the opportunity because our comfort zone has enough power to hold us back.

Adult in comfort position

WHY we do this? WHY are we clinging to our comfort zone?

Why do we reject opportunities, even if we have a chance to live the life we have always dreamed of?

Because we always prefer more convenient solutions. We feel relaxed in our natural environment. Many times we choose to go to the same place to have fun because we know everything there. 

What would motivate you to step out of your comfort zone?

Maybe you should try to read motivational books or attend personal developing seminars. Whatever you start doing about your personal growth, you are taking a big step to move out of your comfort zone and achieve the life you dream about. 

The decision is ours! Yours and mine


Zsolt Barsi

Zsolt Barsi

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Hi There,

My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to help people by sharing the value of my life experience, and I also want to encourage people to find their purpose in life regardless of their age.

No matter how old are you, find your purpose and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

My mission is to help others who are seeking more freedom or searching for extra income-producing activity and might want to unleash their passion in the digital lifestyle.

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