How to get off the hamster wheel

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How to get off the hamster wheel

How to get off the corporate hamster wheel

Those who stuck in the hamster wheel have no time for living a fulfilled life. They are running in a rat race every day. The problem with that is; the longer you are in, the harder to get off the hamster wheel!  But not entirely impossible.

How do you know that you are already running in the hamster wheel?

The first sign is when you realise that most of your time is devoted to your work. The tasks on your desc are towering above your head. You are aware that you don’t have time to accomplish these tasks unless you sacrifice the quality, only paying attention to the quantity. When it happens, there is no doubt; you are running in the hamster wheel.

You are overwhelmed. You don’t even remember your own goals. You are lucky if you can see your children only for a few minutes each day. From this point, your personal life is not the most important to you anymore. Instead, you are fulfilling your employer’s dreams.

But how do we get into the corporate hamster wheel?

It is a human attribute that they want to do more because they want to look more. People want to look irreplaceable, so they are willing to work from dawn to dusk to satisfy all of these human qualities.

But the question is, how can we get off the hamster wheel if we are working 50-60 hours a week?

How to get off the hamster wheel
There are many ways to get off the hamster wheel

Time management plays a significant rule here. You must possess excellent time management skill. Additionally, you have to learn that you only load your shoulder until you can manage to carry on. Remember, the goal is to finalise tasks, but you must learn to share some responsibilities with others.

If you learn how to divide tasks regards to the capability of the people you manage, you will see that how much more time you gained and the quality of the work you do becomes much better. If I can recommend another technic, I would suggest you begin with the most challenging task and don’t put it aside until done.

Make your life more liveable and look around what opportunities surrounding you!

Another solution, if you consider making a change in your lifestyle ultimately.

Of course, it is challenging if you have a family. The fact is that who is running in the corporate hamster wheel, can’t slow down or jump out of it just like that. They usually say I’ll keep doing this for another year and then I’ll make a shift. I’m going to look for a more relaxed lifestyle, a different job, where I can make my dreams come true, while still being able to work on my private life, not as before. Then one year and another year pass but they always do the same thing. They are still running in the corporate hamster wheel.

The problem with these people is where ever they go if they are an extremely high carrier seeker and are working for only to gain more and more money without passion combined with, they are going to end up in the hamster wheel again. If you want a different more fulfilled life, you might want to think about how to find new opportunities. Because new opportunities will only appear in your life if you attract them consciously by visualising how your perfect day would look like if you are living a life you want.

If you take the time and effort to learn something new with a purpose to help to make a difference in your life, it is inevitable you will find plenty of opportunities to be able to get off the hamster wheel. You might need to put in extra energies, but believe me, it’s worth it.

Think about that. You have two option. Whether you make sacrifices and decide to get out of the hamster wheel, giving yourself a chance to start a happier life, or leaving everything as it is now and probably you are going to missing out on the best opportunities.

Zsolt Barsi

Zsolt Barsi

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My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to have enough time with my family and, my vision is to help others to step out from the corporate hamster wheel to live a free and fulfilled life.

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