Freedom Leads To Happiness

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Freedom in the desert

Freedom Leads To Happiness

Money won’t make you happy! – I heart people are saying that and you know what: the statement above somehow is correct. But if money doesn’t make you happy, then what will? In my opinion, true happiness stems more likely from a sense of elusive freedom. It doesn’t depend on how wealthy you are.

I try to share my perspective about where happiness arise from (at least for me) in my point of view. So let’s dive in!

Wouldn’t you feel better in the morning if your days wouldn’t depend on an external factor like your boss’s mood? It sounds a minor claim, but generally, it is actually a major concern if you think about how much stress it can cause for you every morning.
I know it is no point to live in the delusion of those who don’t depend on a daily job and achieved time and financial freedom have no problem at all. Self-reliant people also have plenty of challenges every day. But if you’re privileged enough to do in a daily bases what you love to do, you’ll be pretty close to the coveted happiness. If you think about it, Aladdin did not experience true happiness when he was able to achieve anything with his power, but when he became free!

If you spend most of your time helping your employer’s dreams come true, you won’t have time to enjoy life. You can have the most beautiful house in the area you live, and you can have several holiday homes as well if you have no time to enjoy them. You can have a collection of beautiful expensive cars if you have no time to drive them.

The truth is, if you are seeking happiness, you don’t need to be extremely wealthy. However, I agree that money is playing an essential part in our lives. Better to have it than not to have it at all.

One of the real-life measurements to find out how happy are you with your life is how do you feel in the morning when you wake up. What are the first few thoughts in your mind when you open your eyes in an average morning?
Do you have positive thoughts about your upcoming day, and you are ready for action, or you feel like it is hard to get out of the bed?
Or, maybe your little voice is saying that: it is what it is! I have no choice than to go to work as I have to pay the bills.
These thoughts are the real reflections of how close are you to general happiness.

Our happiness is closely related to what is happening in our minds. Our thoughts determine our feelings, and our emotional state at the time determines our actions.
After studying and reading books, I learned that the only way to maintain this positive state of our mind is by continually feeding our thoughts with positive affirmations.

It is also true; most people already have negative thoughts early in the morning because they do not live the life they wanted.

Many people don’t like their job, so they become anxious before they go to work. It is one of the reasons why most people desire to gain TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Freedom leads to happiness!

Freedom and happiness
When you are in the position to manage your own time, freedom leads to happiness.


How our traditional education system helps us to be self-reliant?

In fact, not too much. Most of us get a job and become an employee after completing our studies. In school, we learn how to trade our time for money and nothing about how to get money to work for us. Our broken education system is perfect for teaching us how to be a sheep for a lifetime! 

Most of us get a job and become an employee after completing our studies. During our years in school, we learned how to trade our time for money. Our education system is perfect for teaching us how to be a sheep for a lifetime! 

Their environment influences people. Instead of being creative and start their own business besides their job, most people are thinking in a one job option. They’re afraid to think outside the box.
It is so disappointing how many people are working every day from morning to evening, sometimes 50-60 hours a week to live a basic life.


How does freedom affect happiness?

If you have your own business, and it is going well, there is a chance you achieved time and financial freedom. The most significant value you can get out of it is you don’t work for money anymore; you let the money to work for you!

The time you invested in to build someone’s business, you can use the same time wisely for your financial and personal development and make your business growing. When you realise and accept freedom, then you’re writing the scenario of your life. You plan your future, and you make all the decision, and you are in control of your life. You begin to feel happy because freedom leads to happiness. 

Some people think that living in freedom means they don’t have to work anymore. It is not true! Financial freedom means you can have more freedom to spending time doing what you passionate to do. Who is building a business they sometimes work seven days a week. Still, they are passionate about their work, and that is the difference. It matters because that is freedom!

Ones you choose to live a business or entrepreneur lifestyle, you should be committed to learning every day for a lifetime. Even if you fail, sometimes failure is essential in business, but in time every failure turns into your favour.

So my conclusion is if you are pursuing happiness, try to find out how could you achieve your freedom and come out from your comfort zone. 

What is your goal? If you would you like to achieve time and financial freedom, how would you plan to do it?

If you want to know more about my perspective of how can you achieve time and financial freedom by learning online business, please click the link below for more information.

Money won’t lead to happiness. Money leads to freedom, and freedom leads to happiness.

Aim The Time And Financial Freedom

Zsolt Barsi

Zsolt Barsi

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My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to help people by sharing the value of my life experience, and I also want to encourage people to find their purpose in life regardless of their age.

No matter how old are you, find your purpose and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

My mission is to help others who are seeking more freedom or searching for extra income-producing activity and might want to unleash their passion in the digital lifestyle.

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