Freedom Leads To Happiness

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People use to say: money won’t make you happy! And somehow it is true. True happiness doesn’t come from owning a lot of money but from the feeling of freedom. In reality, you don’t have to have a lot of money to be happy. Everything begins from when you open your eyes in the morning. When you do think about the day ahead of you, what do you feel? Do you feel happy?

If we start the morning with positive thoughts, we automatically charge ourselves up emotionally. We can sustain happiness as long as we can resonate in that high level of emotion. During the day, we experience a lot of things that influencing our thoughts. If we don’t keep our thoughts under control, our happiness can quickly turn into sadness and frustration for the evening. After studying and reading books, I realised that I could only maintain this positive state by constantly feeding my thoughts with positive affirmations.

It is also a real statement that most people already have negative thoughts early in the morning because they do not like the lifestyle they live. According to a Gallup survey, 68% of people in the world disengaged in their job for different reasons. It doesn’t mean they hate their job, though. Most often, they are not connected, and they are lack of passion with their roles. Many people don’t like obligations.

We chase success and financial security, but most of us already have a pit in our stomach on Sunday evening only by thinking about Monday morning.

Most people are anxious to go to work, and missing something in their lives which is the desire for freedom. I need to invest a lot of energy in sustaining my positive thoughts by inspiring myself to become sooner or later financially independent. It drives me forward day by day. 

Time and financial freedom are what almost every people desire because freedom leads to happiness!

Freedom and happiness
When you are in the position to manage your own time, freedom leads to happiness.

Our education system is based on to teach us how to become an excellent employee. We learn how to work for money, but we don’t learn how to respect money and make money work for us. On the end of each month, we are happy when we can make a successful payment from our bank card. We are thrilled when our bank account doesn’t show a big zero for at least another week or two.

Most of us get a job and become an employee after completing our studies. During the years in school, we learned how to trade our time for money which provides us with a basic lifestyle. Our brain is being programmed not to be a wolf, but to be a sheep for a lifetime! We are influenced to take a job. If you are an employee, you are financially secured, your employer will also pay your contributions, and you are eligible for a state pension. It is is a misconception! First of all, there is no secured job anymore. We are no longer in that world when someone works 20-30 years at the same company.

Many people are working every day from morning to evening, 40 hours a week for 40 years to live a basic life. During these years, when they have a chance, they try to live a balanced life. To live a life like that, you don’t need to have too much creativity. The social system writes the plan scenario, and you try to follow it. Although you might desire to live in freedom, however, it’s not easy to make a shift if you were an employee in your whole life. 

When you achieved time and financial freedom, your life change direction. You don’t work for money anymore; you make money work for you! The time you invested in before to make someone else wealthy, you can use it inclusively for your financial and personal development. You can use your precious time to make your business grow. The 9 to 5 or whatever work shift you worked before has vanished — no more obligated structure. You write the scenario of your life.  You plan your future, and you make all the decision. What you feel is the elusive feeling that you are in control of your life. You feel happy because freedom leads to happiness.  Some people are misunderstanding this. Gaining financial freedom means no more work, they think, and having the money goes hand in hand with joy.

That’s not true! With more money, you gain more time freedom for thinks you may love to do, but it comes with different compromises.

Ones you choose to live a business or entrepreneur lifestyle, you should be committed to learning every day for a lifetime. You might fail a few times, but essential to learn from these failures to turn them into your favour.

To gain freedom first, you need to change your mindset. You need to replace your low financial thermostat to a higher one. You need to come out from your comfort zone. Probably you’ll have to fight for a few weeks every day with your thoughts which will do everything possible to bring you back to the comfort zone you used to be.

Freedom means to me to learn and build my online business, write contents and to able to change people’s lives based on my life and business experiences.

What is your goal? How would you like to gain time and financial freedom?

If you want to know more about my perspective of the online business opportunity that helps me to achieve freedom, please click the “Free Videos” button below for more information.

Money won’t lead to happiness. Money leads to freedom, and freedom leads to happiness


Aim The Time And Financial Freedom

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Zsolt Barsi

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My name is Zsolt Barsi. I am a father of two girls, a loving and loved husband. My passion is to have enough time with my family and, my vision is to help others to step out from the corporate hamster wheel to live a free and fulfilled life.

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